On 3 December last an important new tax law was published in the BOE (Spain´s Official State Bulletin) relating to the deferment of tax payments. The Royal Decree-Law 3/2016 of December 2 included amendments to the General Tax Law relating to deferrals and instalment payments with the objective of obtaining an increase in revenues in order to the consolidation of public finances.

From the Collection Department of the Tax Agency, they have issued the Instruction 1/2017 of 18 January, for the purpose of determining the procedures, the scope and criteria to be followed when processing such requests for deferral and / or making payment in instalments.

Our Tax Law team has prepared an informative circular detailing the main innovations introduced by the aforementioned Instruction in relation to this matter.

You can download the informative circular through the following link. If you prefer, you can also access the entire text of the circular through this other link.

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